I am located in Kitchener, Ontario and I actively service Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton, Mississauga, London, Guelph, Toronto and the surrounding areas.

I am happy to offer a free initial consultation.
The purpose of this is to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about my services and to determine what is best for you. As well as to get to know each other a little before the reading. I will also ask you what area you would like me to focus on such as romance, finances, health or paranormal activity.
The following are the services I provide:
Mediumship is defined as the practice of certain people known as mediums to mediate communication between spirits of the deceased and the living. I am both a mental and physical medium. Mental mediumship is the most common way that mediums receive their information. It is possible to develop mediumship skills but not anyone can become a physical medium. This requires certain elements to be available in the mediums makeup. They are like a doorway of energy and consciousness between the physical plane and the spirit dimension.
What is a Psychic Medium? The term Psychic Medium is a term that has recently become common, meaning someone who works as both a psychic and a medium. All true mediums have psychic abilities naturally. Mediums are much more evolved than psychics. Mediums channel information from discarnate energy. Everyone is psychic on some level, but not everyone is a medium.
I use “mental mediumship.” This is communication by the spirits with a medium by telepathy. The medium mentally “hears” (clairaudience), “sees” (clairvoyance), and/or feels (clairsentience) messages from spirits. The medium passes the information on to the client. That person is known as the “sitter.”
Many people are looking for answers about their life and other questions. It is one of my life purposes to assist people by offering them help and guidance.
I always tell my clients, one can only point directions, it is up to the individual to find his or her own unique key that unlocks their own spiritual path to receive guidance on their journey.
A Shaman’s breath is magical energy. The very power of the Shaman is linked with his or her breath. Working with universal frequency of light and love I am able to assist you in cleansing, balancing and reinvigorating your energy. You will feel it in your body. Many clients are also able to visually experience the light frequency as the breath comes to them. The purpose of Rebirthing is to awaken us to our own birthright of physical and spiritual well being that may have gone unclaimed or unnoticed. This experience offers us a unique opportunity to heal and to refine our impressions about the world around us.
I cannot begin to express the wonder of transfiguration. This form of physical mediumship is truly amazing. It has given so many of my clients such peace and closure. This is a serious and rare gift not done for entertainment purposes. It comes from a place of love from the client and spirit and is to be treated with respect and gratitude from the wonders of the spiritual universe.
I am a transfiguration medium. Transfiguration means to see spirit. This is a type of physical mediumship. Spirits will use ectoplasm from the body of the medium and lay it a few centimeters in front on the medium’s face. Spirits who wish to be seen press their faces into the ectoplasm. The Spirit is now connected with the medium and the bridge between two worlds is complete. Now the spirit through great effort will start to manipulate the medium’s facial features. It isn’t just the face that can be affected during transfiguration. Other parts of the body can also take the form of the spirit, the medium may appear taller or shorter, changes can occur with the hair and other physical features. This is an experience not be be missed for sure. Energy lights have also appeared during my sessions of different colours. The shape of the spirits are usually seen standing beside me as the process commences, my clients usually can recognize who they are by their shapes. The intensity of the session is affected by everyone’s energy, spirit and client and medium. In the beginning of the session clients are sometimes a little nervous after all it is not something you see every day. They usually quickly relax and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of and are eager to connect with as many loved ones as possible. It takes people awhile to mentally digest what they have just experienced. There is no more doubt of life after death. It gives great comfort to know that the energy of loved ones live on in a new and amazing way.
The Spirit world is right here around us. What separates the Earth plane from the Spirit world is dimension.
It is through this doorway of consciousness and dimension that the Spirit must pass in order to enter the Spirit world. Once we pass through our experiences will differ to some degree, but it is the same doorway for all of us.

When we leave this dimension we have family members and guides to help us cross over. But some people aren’t ready to leave this plane or just haven’t come to terms with their own death. They could have died suddenly and are confused why they can’t be heard or seen. Sometimes there are personal issues that might hold them to the earth plane. Mediums can help by communicating with spirits who are scared or confused or be the bridge between them and the ones left behind when there are messages that need to be said so that they can cross into the light.
It gives me great joy to be able to assist lost or frightened spirits into the light where they will find the peace that they are looking for. So many of them need our help to make that transition. I am here to assist you with helping the spirits in your home move on.
One basic law of Quantum physics states that two vibrations of different speeds cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If we are connecting with lower vibrations this can make you fear based and experience anxiety. We need to learn to block ourselves from that frequency vibration with light and love and release it so it doesn’t interfere with our own vibration.
There are many vibrational changes happening on our planet. The earth’s frequency is changing and we have to change with it. We are in a phase transition into opening up to a higher consciousness. Many of us will experience a variety of physical and emotional and psychic symptoms as we shift into a higher frequency.

Everyone’s vibration is different and can have different symptoms. As an energy and light worker I can assist you in these areas by doing an energy assessment and balancing and raising your vibrational state to clear out blockages, so your energy will flow more smoothly. All these new frequencies have to flow through your heart center. Teaching is crucial here for you to understand what is happening and why and how you will be able to continue to keep yourself balanced and grounded. Unfortunately there is no magic pill that will get you through this shift. It is opening up into your heart energy that can take you through the Shift process. We are all beings of light. Be patient with yourself as you grow. Follow the Divine spark that is within your heart and let the energy flow. Trust what your heart tells you. Your heart is connected to God.
We all have been affected by negative energies at one point or another. The more energy sensitive we are the more vulnerable we are to theses invisible energies. Children and animals are easily effected by these energies. In this day so many of us are opening up to energies and more people are practicing meditation and taking courses on many new age energy therapies. As you ‘open up’ you also must be practicing psychic protection. So many people that have come to see me have had escalated issues for the lack of knowledge of what is happening to them and why. Others have been open and suffering their whole lives not understanding their gift or realizing that they are psychic. As a lightworker I experienced most of what you are going through in the beginning of my journey. These negative attacks happen to some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos because it’s part of the Ascension Process, to help raise us to a higher frequency.
Psychic attacks are defined as the manipulation of supernatural energies. Psychic attacks are caused by negative energetic vibrations. We are all vibrational beings which allows these energies to effect us in different ways. Negative energies can create many types of disturbances with people, animals, places or objects. They can effect your health and can be picked up from one individual to another creating disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place. This negative energy can be called a spirit, an entity, or a negative thought form energy. Each of these energies can create harmful effects within the person receiving them. Paranormal energies have the capability to influence peoples thoughts by manipulating brainwave activity. Their goal is to cause stress in your life so they can feed off your energy. My goal is to teach you and empower you to protect yourself and your surroundings, to cleanse you and your surroundings. Remember that everything is vibrational. LOVE is the highest vibration. Another word for love is God.
It is the eternal energy that connects everything in the Universe. It is composed of high frequency vibrations. We can access the Light Frequency by becoming attuned to the energy of love. Light needs to be sensed with our entire being.
This light energy is felt mentally and physically. We must learn to release negative energy and attune to the higher vibratory frequency.
You are one with the Universe, manifest in your own light. In the glory that is within all of us to utilize Gods light. White light is the space within the universe where positive energies are stored. White light can be called upon by anyone, even you, for protection from negative energies. White light cannot come to harm or be harmed in any way. For this reason, negative energies can be sent to the white light for purification and transformation.
Light workers share light and love with others by empowering others towards their own paths of spiritual enlightenment. Light workers, ultimately, seek to teach others that they each have their own vibrational spiritual energy.
Light work means spreading frequencies of light and love. The whole of our universe consists of energies vibrating at different frequencies and the higher the frequency of the energy, the more powerful and positive it is.
I will assist you in discovering how to live in your own light and achieve your goals cleansing negativity that is in your life and home.
The most important thing to achieve a negative energy cleansing of your aura is to work with visualization. Your energy is affected by your emotions and thoughts. Positive visualizations will have a healthy impact on your thoughts and emotions. Being a light worker I am able to cleanse and balance your aura and teach you to continue to do so.

Chakra balancing and and enlightenment are now being offered for group sessions you only have to gather five friends together as a Sahaja yoga practitioner for many years I am eager to offer it to more people. EXPERIENCE THE DIVINE BREATH OF SPIRIT and be transformed.