How do you work with people of different faiths?
I honor and respect all faiths and paths. I have worked with clients of different faiths and can adjust my readings accordingly if necessary.
Do you use psychic tools of any kind?
No, I do not use any psychic tools. However, I always use photographs to make contact with passed loved ones and my client’s energy. I use Psychometry which is a psychic ability where I can read the energy of an object by touching it. Psychometry is a good tool to use in missing persons cases.
Do you do past life readings?
I do not specifically offer past life readings. However, sometimes this information will come to the surface during a regular reading.
Recently the energy of clients past lives have been surfacing more often during readings. The exciting part is that it also has been surfacing during the Transfiguration process. My clients have found this quite exciting! I will ask their guides to let them see themselves in that lifetime during transfiguration and it has been successful.
Do you connect with Spirit Guides?
This also has been made possible with the wonders of physical mediumship. Recently during a Transfiguration session my client asked if she could see her spirit guide. He came through clearly. She proceeded to tell me that she had an artist channel her spirit guide years ago. After returning home she found the picture and emailed it to me. She was thrilled it was the same native Indian man.
What are orbs?
It is true that orbs can be dust particles or moisture or pollen caught by your digital camera but there are those that are unexplained. I would estimate that 20% of orbs caught on camera are some sort of spiritual energy. Of course when they appear in front of the naked eye and float across the room as many of us have experienced there is no doubt. Positive orbs are thought to be energies of a departed person and even nature spirits or angels.
Orb color difference is caused by the energy of the spirit who is represented by the orb. For example, some believe that red and orange orbs represent a spirit who is in need of healing. The color difference may simply be a reflection of the spirit’s energy. Most orbs are white.
Many times when a spirit is moving about, its shape is an orb with a contrail, but when it is no longer in motion, the spirit energy that is compressed within the orb is released and this spirit energy expands into what we call Ectoplasm mist. A supposed physical substance that manifests as a result of spiritual energy or psychic phenomenon.
What is Ectoplasm?
Derived from the Greek word ektos, which means “outside,” Ectoplasm is a term used to refer to the paranormal manifestation of spiritual energy related to ghosts. Serving as a physical medium of that spiritual energy, ectoplasm is said to be the more or less tangible plasma residue that helps to give spirits some degree of physical presence.
The use of ectoplasm by the spirit is to produce a physical manifestation of the spiritual power or presence.
Ectoplasm can also be a residue left over by a spirit who has recently left the area. In this stage it is called ecto-mist.
What is Physical Mediumship?
Physical Mediumship is totally different from Mental Mediumship. First of all it is extremely rare at the moment, with only a handful of physical mediums giving demonstrations. When physical mediumship is taking place it is real. It is indeed PHYSICAL. Seeing is believing! The ‘evidence’ of life after death which can be obtained through this type of mediumship is truly life-changing.
What is Transfiguration?
Here the face of a spirit person can be seen forming over the medium’s face. The correct use of lighting is necessary as shadows can appear making people think they have seen someone that really isn’t there. The faces can be very clear at times, with the medium’s face completely disappearing.
I cannot begin to express the wonder of transfiguration. This form of physical mediumship is truly amazing. It has given so many of my clients such peace and closure. This is a serious and rare gift not done for entertainment purposes. It comes from a place of love from the client and spirit and is to be treated with respect and gratitude from the wonders of the spiritual universe. Transfiguration means to see spirit. During transfiguration the face that materializes may appear to be almost translucent, or in some cases the medium’s face might disappear altogether. There are times when many faces will appear one after the other along with their body shapes. In the case of transfiguration, a red light is used to enable people in the room to more readily see the transfigured features of the physical medium sat before them. They will answer questions by the use of energy lights or sometimes smiles. This is accomplished by the use of ectoplasm from the medium’s body that is utilized by the spirits. I know what you’re thinking, but like I always say seeing is believing.
How do I use White Light?
White Light Protection
One of the most important aspects of spiritual protection is “white light” protection. It’s very simple to do and very effective at removing and preventing negative energy from harming you. Ask for God’s light and love energy, then just visualize a sphere of brilliant white light completely filling your body from head to toe. Really focus on seeing it clearly in your mind, imagine a point of white light within your heart. Focus your attention on this point and simply allow it to build and expand and bring it from inside out to form a protective bubble around you and keep building it up so it’s SUPER bright and glowing. See it as a solid barrier of protection that negativity cannot cross. If you wish, you can also say a prayer of protection while doing this. “Send the Archangel Michael to protect me from all harm, and please send my highest guides through GOD to guide me, guard me and keep away all negative influences.”
You can do this for yourself, loved ones, pets, even your house and car! At night before you go to bed, visualize the white light completely surrounding your house and your family, preventing any harmful energies from entering. This should be done frequently, whether you feel threatened or not. Over time, this builds up a strong shield of protection. Just keep reinforcing it, day after day. I find It’s best to do this in the morning and again at night before bed, but it can be done as many times as you want, any time of day.
What are portals and vortexes?
A metaphysical portal is an opening from one dimension to another. Any entity with higher abilities can create a portal. These beings can travel through it. As for vortexes they are different because it is pure energy that passes through it. This energy can be positive or negative in nature.
Both of them can spin clockwise or counter-clockwise. Clockwise being positive energies and counter-clockwise being negative and dark.
Portals are larger and their energy is thicker.
What is a poltergeist?
Despite the different opinions about the nature of poltergeists, one thing is for sure – they do exist. Whether poltergeists are paranormal entities or psychic forces poltergeists are different from what is normally thought of as a haunting. These particular spirits seem to be able to interact with our material world with malevolent forces. Poltergeists attacks can start suddenly or gradually until they reach full power.
Do you work with hauntings, poltergeists and paranormal activity?
Yes I do. As a light worker I have crossed over spirits that have been present in people’s homes. I also do house cleansing. I have also helped identify poltergeist activity in people’s homes including closing portals.
Does the spirit talk during transfiguration?
No, that requires a trans state. The purpose of transfiguration is to enable the spirit to show themselves. All that is required from the medium for transfiguration is an altered state of consciousness. There is however communication through the energy lights that appear from the spirit’s energy. Sometimes they have put on quite a show, it is truly amazing. Again it all depends on the spirit’s energy.
What is Astral Projection?
In astral projection the conscious mind leaves the physical body and moves into the astral body. In astral projection you remain attached to your physical body by a ‘silver umbilical type cord’. Some people are able to see the cord while astral projecting. One must feel totally relaxed and comfortable, reclining is best. The physical body sometimes gets cold when you travel out, a cover over your body is recommended.
When you astral project you are consciously aware of things you encounter while out of your physical body. Astral projection (or astral travel) is an out-of-body experience achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming or deep meditation.
What is Reincarnation?
Reincarnation is the belief that the soul is immortal and that it continues on even after the body dies. This same soul is able to come back to Earth over and over again, in many different incarnations. It can play many roles, each designed so that this soul can learn new lessons that it was unable to learn in a previous life. The soul will remember the lessons and experiences of every incarnation, but only during the periods in-between its lifetimes. When the soul returns into a new body it will forget the elaborate plans that were made to experience whatever was planned for the current incarnation.
Karma, or cause and effect, comes into play as well. All actions we take, or thoughts that we have will cause more far reaching effects in other people’s lives than we realize. If we have hurt others, we must make up for that in new incarnations. Equally if we have made great strides towards becoming enlightened, we can come back and live a few lifetimes in peace and happiness.
Every action has a reaction and the force determines one’s next incarnation. A person can reincarnate until they are perfect, and then be reunited with God, or The All, whatever name you use for this Divine Energy or can work as a light giver and still return to Earth to work with less enlightened souls to help them find their way. Once you have reached all your Earthly goals, you will go on to other work and continue training in spiritual realms, as there is much to learn there too. But each and every person on the planet will be able to incarnate as many times as necessary to become a perfect soul.
Are Ouija boards dangerous?
Ouija boards should never be considered toys, as their means of contacting the spirit world leave you open for a troublesome spirit or negative energy to come through. Many spiritual leaders will inform you to NEVER attempt to use a ouija board. I agree with these warnings. If you have one then destroy the ouija board and trash the remains.
Never even allow a ouija board to take residence within your home.
Can All Spirits Communicate With the Medium?
Communicating with loved ones who have past over can be very energetic work and does require a vast amount of energy from the medium. Unfortunately, it is also wise to remember certain spirits may not be strong enough to come through. This is what we call a poor “link” because they are not a good communicator. For example, if aunt Betty never said much in this life, why would she suddenly be any different in the next?