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It is important to have realistic expectations about psychic medium readings.
It is of the utmost importance to be honest with the psychic medium and yourself for the success of your reading. Attempting to deceive the psychic in order to test them will cause poor energy flow and will result in a poor reading.

Before your reading be sure to take the time to decide what information you are seeking. Telling your psychic medium when they are correct helps the energy flow and assists in providing a higher level of accuracy.

It is an inaccurate assumption that the person receiving the reading must not reveal anything to the medium. Dora welcomes communication during the reading.
It is recommended to pray prior to your session and meditate on the questions you have and the reasons you are seeking the reading.

Clients should realize that psychics and mediums are not the “miracle cure” for grief and do not replace your own intuition and common sense.

Honest mediums work toward healing and empowering you not making you dependent upon them.

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