St. Germain and the Violet Light

The Ascended Master Saint Germain will help us in the transformation of our consciousness to connect with our higher self. He is ready to assist us in this endeavor.

The most powerful force in the Universe is pure divine love. Another name for it is the Violet Flame.

Saint Germain holds the “Flame of Freedom” for the Earth. The violet ray is known as the seventh ray. The seven rays are the divine energies behind life in the universe.

Crystals can be a good tool to amplify spiritual light and energy. Another form of light people often call on is the violet flame of Saint Germain for its protection properties against negative energies.

A less well known fact about Amethyst crystals are that they have the vibration of the Violet Flame brought to us by Saint Germain. They are excellent to keep on you as they have strong protection properties.

The Amethyst crystal is highly useful to assist meditation as it has calming effects. The amazing energy within these purple stones will help open the third eye and clairvoyant abilities.